From natural-looking to glamorous, we have you covered. Our eyelash extensions are high-quality lashes applied by a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician using medical-grade adhesive.

There has never been a safer way to get longer, thicker, beautiful eyelashes. We offer a wide variety of colors, lengths, and sizes, as well as classic, volume, and hybrid lash sets.

EyeCandy Express Spa eyelashes are meticulously applied lash by lash to ensure the safest, most natural-looking lash extension possible.


Full Set of Classic Lashes$90+
Full Set of Volume Lashes$150+
30/min  Fill $35+
1-Hour Volume Fill$50+
Lash Removal$25
Eyelash Strip$25
Eyelash Clusters$35-$45 (2 weeks not meant for long-term wear)